Doctrine of Acquiescence

Doctrine of Acquiescence   One of the first things that come to mind when a property dispute arises is adverse possession. A lesser known doctrine (but a more common scenario) is the doctrine of acquiescence. Acquiescence does not require the elements of adverse possession and the time period can be much less. 1 Where acquiescence, […]

HB 76 ~ O.C.G.A. §15-6-67 “The Georgia Plat and Condominium Plan Recording Act of 2017”

House Bill 76 (HB76) was introduced into the 2016/2017 legislative session in hopes to undo many of the unintended consequences of House Bill 1004 (HB1004) of the 2015/2016 legislative session. Like HB1004, under HB76 plats will be recorded electronically through the GSCCCA e-file portal process and still require the three inch square box located in […]

LIDAR control project in Alcoa, Tennessee

We have just successfully completed a 30-mile LIDAR project for ALCO/TVA transmission line starting at Alcoa, Tennessee and running southeasterly into the Appalachian Mountains just inside North Carolina at Deal’s Gap (Tail of the Dragon). The project consist of several control points along with two base stations. Due to sporadic cell coverage on the southern […]