The Kilby Group has added ArcGIS to its suite of software

The Kilby Group has added ArcGIS â 10 Desktop to its suite of software. In addition to being able to collect native GIS (esri) shp file features and attributes using Carlson’s SurvCE in the field, exchanging data with ESRI .shp files and .dwg CAD files using Mapping Specifications for Cad (MSC) with Carslon Survey 2012, we are now able to make maps and analyze geo-referenced data in native GIS formats, build and manage GIS databases utilizing ArcMap and ArcCatalog from the ArcGIS Desktop line of GIS products. We are very excited to be able to offer this new service to our clients and feel this can add value to their projects.

The Kilby Group is a professional land surveying firm established in 1979. Our office is located in the South Hall, Chestnut Mountain community. Thanks to cutting edge technology we have been able to remain small and still successfully complete the most demanding of projects. This has allowed us to give our clients the personal attention that larger firms cannot. For more information about us and a more detailed list the services we offer, please see our website: