LIDAR control project in Alcoa, Tennessee

We have just successfully completed a 30-mile LIDAR project for ALCO/TVA transmission line starting at Alcoa, Tennessee and running southeasterly into the Appalachian Mountains just inside North Carolina at Deal’s Gap (Tail of the Dragon). The project consist of several control points along with two base stations. Due to sporadic cell coverage on the southern portion of the project, we chose to utilize OPUS along with post processing techniques to acquire our control data.

Some pictures from the Project:

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We were excited to be a part of this project and enjoyed our time in Tennessee and North Carolina: the southeastern portion of Tennessee is a very scenic place, a beauty that words cannot fully express, and getting to ride the dragon at night, well do you need to say more. As with any project there are unique challenges but the reward of a successful project along with a happy client makes it worthwhile.

We look forward for the next adventure.
The Kilby Group